Your Prehistoric park

Welcome to the ultimate wildlife sanctuary, welcome to Your Prehistoric Park!Edit

This Wiki is here, purely to house your incredible ideas on a fictional second series of ITV's Prehistoric Park! You can decide where Nigel travels and what he collects, you can make up some problems for Bob and choice which creature Suzanne will nurse to health next..., edit and enjoy!

Our slogan is...Edit

"Extinction doesn't have to be forever..."

Where can you find Prehistoric Park?Edit

Well if your looking for Ep.1, entitled "T.rex Returns", we searched the Prehistoric Park video archives and managed to find it:

For your entertainment... Click Here!

What about Ep.2, "A Mammoth Undertaking", well here it is: Click Here!

And luckily for you we have ALL the other episodes in order...

Ep.3: Dinobirds = Click Here!

Ep.4: Saving the Sabretooth = Click Here!

Ep.5: The Bug House = Click Here!

Ep.6: Supercroc = Click Here!

What's happening at Prehistoric Park?Edit